We are Matthew, Kimberly, and Henry. Thank you for taking the time to start to get to know us! We are excited to get to know you too.

We were blessed to have Henry join our family just after he was born in October of 2014. After a lot of thought and prayer, we have decided to adopt again. We don’t believe love divides; we think it multiplies. We are so grateful to you for the opportunity to be considered for adoption, and we admire you for your bravery in making this decision.

Our story started in college. We dated for five years before marriage and will celebrate our 9th wedding anniversary this July. We are unable to conceive children, but feel strongly that God has blessed our lives through adoption. We are so thankful for our little blessing.

Henry will be the best big brother ever! Henry always loves to lend a helping hand! He absolutely loves to play games and has gotten really good at inventing them. He is a big sweetie and is always on the lookout for new friends to play with.

We want to give our children all the tools they need for success. To help them succeed, we will teach them how to properly treat others as well as instill them with the values that are important to us, such as hard work, responsibility, honesty, and being trustworthy. We will teach them these lessons by setting examples and using the Bible as a guideline.

We are both fortunate to have great careers doing what we love. Kimberly is a science teacher for an online high school and works from home. She loves being able to make personal connections with students while having the opportunity to make a difference in their lives. We love that our children will be raised in our home as Kimberly’s job allows her the flexibility to shape her day around their needs. Matthew is a mine inspector for the state. Matthew works with companies to permit activities at mines. He basically helps the companies ensure that the mine looks as good after mining activity as it did before.

We live in a small town in Wyoming in a 4 bedroom house on a big lot. We love our neighborhood! It is nice and quiet, and is within walking distance of a great park. We love being able to be part of this community. We are lucky to be members of an amazing Christian church. We look forward to seeing our children grow up learning about the importance of God, family, and community.

Our town is surrounded by many great outdoor attractions, from deserts to lakes to mountains. We feel fortunate to live here, and we get to spend a lot of time exploring as we do activities such as hiking and fishing. At night we love to cook together, play Henry’s newly invented games, going on family walks, and reading stories. We have two Havanese dogs, Huckleberry and Sawyer; this is a small breed known for its antics and patience, and they give us lots of entertainment. Henry adores them and is always following them around the house and saying “Who’s a good boy!”

Thank you again for taking the time to start to get to know us! We can’t imagine the decision that you are facing, but we would like to thank you for considering adoption and for considering us. We know that God is guiding us to the child we are meant be with, and we are anxiously awaiting our miracle.


Matthew, Kimberly, and Henry