We would like to start with letting you know how brave and strong you are. We feel that we already have a connection to you through our mutual belief in adoption. It is our hope that you will read our story and feel that we are the One’s you choose to raise your baby.

After nearly 20 years together and a multitude of shared life experiences, we are excited to welcome a child into our lives through adoption. We have always considered adoption and have thoughtfully chosen it as the way we want to bring a child into our family, not because we cannot have our own biological children but because we feel strongly that we can provide a loving home and life for a child. It would be nearly impossible for us to have the confidence to raise a child without the support of our family and friends. We are incredibly fortunate to have their support.

We grew up in the same small town. Our Story begins when our lives crossed paths sooner than either of us expected. It was 1998, when we went to our high school homecoming dance. Leading up to the dance, we started spending more time together and getting to know one another, including our first date playing mini golf. Fast-forward almost 2 years, our relationship had a first true test with distance. Despite the miles between us, we continued to grow closer as a couple. We were fortunate enough to have great role models who helped to shape our relationship and prepare us for a lifetime together. We were married in May 2004, living in Colorado for a short time before moving to Wyoming in 2005. Our careers are focused on helping others. Brian is a firefighter and has worked his way up to the role of Battalion Chief. Laura works in real estate, helping people find their forever home.

We enjoy spending time with each other, family and friends. We love the seasons and all of the activities that each one brings. Summer for us includes mountain biking, hiking, floating the river, exploring 2-tracks in our Jeep, camping and backpacking. Winter brings both downhill and cross country skiing. Winters are often long, so we try to break them up by taking warm destination vacations, so surfing and snorkeling are categorized in our winter activities as well! Travel to other adventurous locations have included Machu Picchu in Peru and Costa Rica. We plan on continuing to explore the great outdoors and travel with our new family.

Our family has other children who will be cousins to our child and built in friends for life. We may be biased, but our parents have proven that they are the best grandparents. Family gatherings include weddings, birthday celebrations and fun family vacations. Friends are also an important part of our lives. We refer to our close friends as “Framily”. Time spent with friends include dinners, game nights and a variety of events including sports, music and festivals offered in the area.

We believe that making the decision to put a child up for adoption is an extremely loving and brave act, and we want you to have the peace of mind that we will do everything we can to provide a lifetime of wonderful experiences for your child.

Thank you for considering us for this amazing experience and life-changing gift!