Dear Friend,

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us. It is very difficult to describe who we are in just a few words and pictures, but we hope you are able to gain some insight into our family. We love being parents and are excited for a new addition. We are looking forward to sleepless nights and flipping coins over who gets to change the next diaper!

Sarah was raised in northern Wyoming and has two older siblings. She moved to Cheyenne in 2001 to further her education in the nursing field. Sarah is currently working as a Clinical Nurse Manager on a Women's and Children's Unit at the local hospital.

Brad was born and raised in Cheyenne and has one younger brother.  He attended the local community college and is a sales representative for a tool company.  He graduated from Leadership Cheyenne and enjoys being involved in the local community.

We are an ordinary couple who still holds hands, goes out on dates, and Brad still opens doors for Sarah. We were married in 2005 and immediately wanted to start a family. We found out quickly that life doesn't always go as planned. Although we struggled for years with infertility it has been our blessing in disguise. It has taught us so much about each other, and how to weather a storm as a team.  We have a marriage with a solid foundation and an amazing friendship that we treasure more than anything.

In 2013 our dreams came true when we adopted our beautiful daughter Shelby. From the minute we saw her it was love at first sight. She has brought so much happiness and noise into our lives. In 2015 we were blessed again with our son Milo. He is our wild child who keeps us on our toes! He is all boy and loves to run and be wild. We cherish their hugs and kisses and smile at the toys that we are constantly tripping over! We love to ride bikes together, play at the park, and camp in the backyard. Milo and Shelby have a strong bond and they are both “super excited” to have another sibling. We are also excited for Shelby and Milo to have another sibling to share secrets, make childhood memories, and to laugh as they make us chase them in opposite directions! 

Over the years we have built relationships with our children’s birth mothers and some extended family. We always knew that we wanted open adoptions and getting to know these women has proven the importance of open adoption and the value of these relationships. We not only share letters and pictures but we have gotten together for play dates at the library. We love that our children talk about their birth mothers with love and have no problem letting people know whose tummy they came out of!

We believe in dinner time as a family and stories before bed. We know that kisses on scraped knees and elbows really do make it feel better, and double-checking closets and under the bed are essential for a good night's sleep.

The selfless act of entrusting your child with another couple is an amazing and gracious gift that we will always be thankful for. We are excited for another open adoption where our children are able to be loved big and loved well. We greatly appreciate you taking the time to get to know us and consider us to raise your child in a home filled with love and laughter.

With Love,
Brad and Sarah